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general MANAGER
Calgary / WINNIPEG

T: +1 (403) 279-2211 or (204) 783-7378
F: +1 (403) 279-2363 or (204) 982-2972

Larry is currently in his 39th year of service in this industry.  He became involved when he was offered an apprenticeship as a motor winder.  He accepted the position and never looked back.

He has had many technical and managerial roles over the years but has always remained a part of this service organization.  For Larry, this service business is in his DNA.


general MANAGER

T: +1 (306) 721-2566

Kevin has been with this company for 28 years out of his 36 total years in this industry.  He started in this industry as a helper in a small electric motor repair plant then took a job with Westinghouse.  From there he learned and performed almost every duty in the plant before taking on the role of General Manager.

Tim Hendra

general MANAGER

T: +1 (519) 337-3285
F: +1 (519) 337-2869

Tim has been in the industry for 28 years. He graduated from the Electric Motor and Apparatus Repair Program at Conestoga College, and completed the Industrial Millwright Program at St. Clair College and the The Professional Supervisor program at Lambton College. 

Tim has held various positions including Service Center Superintendent, Field Service Supervisor and Senior Project Manager. In January of 2017 he accepted the position of Plant Manager. 

Fred Pelletier

general MANAGER

T: +1 (705) 670-8545 or (705) 568-6355
F: +1 (705) 670-9010 or (705) 568-6417

Fred had been with this company for nearly 19 years. He began his professional career in this industry right out of college when he took a job as a motor mechanic.  At the time, he did not know anything about motors but began to grow on him. 

He moved from the floor to a sales position to a supervisor position and then became General Manager in 2010.  He then took over responsibility for the Sudbury plant in 2013.


general MANAGER

T: +1 (506) 857-8457
F: +1 (506) 858-9483

Ed has been in this industry for almost 20 years since he started in 1998 with Westinghouse Canada.  He began his career just two weeks after receiving his college diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology. 

In the last 20 years, Ed worked his way up through the following positions: Switchgear Technician, Field Service Representative, Switchgear Supervisor, Variable Speed Drives Representative.  Today, Ed is General Manager of the Moncton Facility. 

Scott Whalen

general MANAGER
St. John's

T: +1 (709) 722-7282
F: +1 (709) 722-1053

Scott started his career in this industry with Westinghouse in 1993 with Work term #1 of his Technology Program.  He has stayed ever since making it 22 years full time with this company.  He has truly enjoyed working here from day one and has given 100% to aid in the success of the company.  Throughout his time here, Scott has worked his way up from shipping and receiving to becoming General Manager of the St. John’s facility.